“Works in Progress”

Oh… You’re on this page, huh? Well… Uh… Here’s a terrible synopsis. I’m sorry.

Currently Writing:

Black Syndicate

Katania is the Thirteenth Princess of Hell, and the daughter of the Lord of Hell, Lucifer. After she finds herself banished from her home, for questionable reasons, she finds herself wandering the realm of earth, avoiding the nephilim and angels who make it their jobs to rid the world of wandering demons.

Khloe Francis, daughter of an angel and a human, has been a problem child, and as a young nephilim she has been more dangerous than most. Living life only to make a name for herself, and strike fear into all she deems lower than herself, she and her friends are the new clan on the streets, working their way towards their goal of taking control of their city into their own hands.

When these two girls come together, and come to an understanding, one can only imagine the chaos they’ll create, as they help each other with their goals. The only cost? Anything and everything around them.


And here are some works doomed to never be completed.

A Legitimately Terrible Iteration of My Current WIP That I Stopped Writing:

Lesson One – Vengeance

Never trust a hero; the most basic rule for villains. When Melissa puts her trust in one, she quickly realises the consequences, and is forced into the life of the one hero she can’t stand, but can’t kill.

Never ever kill; the key rule for heroes, and yet, it very rarely seems to be followed. When Taylor’s mother takes one life too many, Taylor finds herself thrust into a life that she always fought hard to avoid.


A Semi-Decent Iteration of My Current WIP That I Stopped Writing:


Powers are the norm. Chaos is the result. There is no law and order, and villains run rampant. Clans are created. Alliances are formed. Enemies are made.

Syphon is one of the most infamous villain clans in England, and in the span of a single day, they witness all three.

A new clan, Vitality, arrives in the neighbourhood, and on discovering them, Syphon find themselves bound and with no other choice but to protect them, due old ties and Vitality’s huge mistake of building their headquarters on the territory of one of Syphon’s older allies. Joining forces with this new clan proves to be more trouble than they’re worth. Drama, danger and more than anything else, a break from tedium finds the clan of Syphon as they and Vitality join forces to keep Syphon’s older allies at bay.

But a simple battle may be the easiest challenge Syphon has to face.


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