Professional Procrastination (And National Noveling in November)

Oh, how I would love this to be a post on how not to procrastinate. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a post about my inability to get things done. So, I hope you’re all prepared, because it’s time for another of my gripping and thrilling updates on my non-existent writing endeavours.

That tagline up there is getting more and more accurate as time goes on. Being unproductive is basically a defining feature of me now. But, as it will be far too easy to be self-deprecating for the rest of this post, let’s try not do that.

First up: My writing.

I’m actually laughing to myself right now. The main reason I’ve had almost my longest break from this blog is because there was virtually nothing to update you guys on. Unless you all wanted to read weekly posts of me saying “I’ve got nothing.” “Still got nothing.” “Another week of nothing.” “Guess what, guys! Yeah! I’ve got nothing!” then there was really no reason to post. I mean, I could have put effort into something. Maybe write an actual informative post. Give a little advice here. Do a little rant there. But if I wasn’t even making much progress in writing my novel, what chance would I have had updating my blog? So, reason two for my absence. My monstrous lack of effort.

Well, that paragraph turned out to be more about my lack of writing, so let’s make this one about where I’m at now. At the time of my last post, I had an extensive plan for my . . . characters. Let’s not call it something it wasn’t. I had almost no outline for my plot other than what was in my head. Now . . . well, not much has changed, other than the fact that I’ve gone back on myself, once again, to a previous version of the story that I once discarded, but now think I should actually go with, making a lot of that plan much less useful. But here’s the thing, what I’m working on now has a far more detailed, existing outline of events throughout the series, that if I end up not writing a thing I can’t blame it on a lack of an outline. All I need to do now, which, bizarrely enough, I’m actually doing, is fill in the blank spots in that outline.

With going back to a previous version I did have some issues . . . the biggest of which being I had new characters I didn’t essentially want to erase off the face of the planet, and so now I have thirty plus characters to make multidimensional in the space of . . . Well, let’s first focus on writing this book, before I think about how many of books in the series I’ll write. I know I have “too many” characters, and truth be told, I’m probably overestimating my abilities to make it work, but what’s life without a little challenge? As if writing wasn’t hard enough . . .

There’s not much else I can think to say about my writing. I mean, I only ever write when I’m supposed to be busy doing other things, which made the whole of the summer my worst enemy. Now, with important work I should be doing, that makes this the perfect time to work on the outline (which I promise I won’t just get lost in and never end up writing the actual story) and then actually start writing it in November . . .

Which brings me onto my next topic.

It shouldn’t take a writing event for me to actually get writing, and that may very well be a valid argument for many of those against writing events. I, for one, am not against writing events, but I don’t want to rely on them.

What, I hear you all eagerly asking, am I talking about?

It is, of course, National Novel Writing Month. Fourteen more days to go until the month that computer keyboards all across the world are dreading. Fifty-thousand words. Thirty days. Yes, I am going to participate, and yes, it probably goes without saying that I’ll be writing the damn novel that has been the bane of my life for the past few years. I know that even some big name, best selling authors having taken so many years to write books, but that doesn’t make it any easier to say, “Oh yeah, I’ve been working on the same book for the past three years. Um . . . Haven’t even got my first draft yet.” Although, without NaNoWriMo, I wouldn’t have even written that first (disturbingly bad) story that has been morphed so drastically now, to get me to what I’m writing now.

You would think that since I frequent the NaNoWriMo forums all year round I would have writing on the mind and get things done.

Well, that’s a procrastinator for you.

I’m not going to say see you soon, because I may be unproductive, but I’m not a liar.

Till next time.

Laurence out.


So . . . I’ve Been Told I Actually Have A Blog.

Me? Blogging? What a sick, sick joke.

Well, hello there ladies and gents. It’s been . . . just under three months since my last post here. What is that? Almost a quarter of a year? A few more days and it would have been a new record for me.

So, let’s just go through the usual. My last post was about Camp NaNo and my 75000 word goal. By now, you should know me well enough to know that that failed miserably. I said I was going to attempt to conquer this novel . . . Again, you’re looking at one of the most unproductive writers on this planet. How’s my novel coming along, though? Well, I’m somewhere around 36000 words and I’m barely into the real meat of the plot. My motivation to continue? Almost non-existent.

Now . . . I am going to continue this thing. It’s at this point that I would usually just scrap the entire thing and start all over again because I would think that it was going absolutely nowhere. But now that’s not going to happen. Because I actually have an outline! I know what I want for this story. For pretty much the entire series, in fact. I know my characters. Even the stupid, unnecessary, never-even-mentioned-in-the-novel, pointless facts about them. I know where this is going, and if any other writer in the world was writing it, it would no doubt be done by now. Unfortunately for my characters, I’m their author.

Admitting it is step one, I guess?

You would think that knowing I should be writing right now, I would go and actually write, later, huh? Again. Nope. I’m probably going to procrastinate around on the internet, for a while, attempt to start reading Game of Thrones, since I brought the entire series in one purchase (because why not?), and probably eventually fall asleep in the evening because my body likes having a messed up sleep schedule.

Sounds like a good plan to me.

See you all whenever.

Laurence out.