…of sorts.

To be fair, I am making progress with my little ol’ story. I may have only just started chapter two, but that’s not due to a lack of material to work with. I know what I’m writing, so there are no worries of me tearing out the pages of my notebook one by one and burning them because of hitting a hard brick wall. I just have priorities… Had priorities. With my exams dead and behind me I don’t have to deal with that BS anymore. Well, at least slow progress was progress nonetheless.

Now that I really have no excuse not to write, I’m hoping the tiny diligent part of my brain will kick some sense into the much larger slacking off part, and we’ll get some writing done. Since I’m using a notebook and pen this time around it’d be much more difficult for me to try and edit as I go along. I find being old fashioned with a pen and paper far more productive, probably because I don’t have to deal with the unreliable scrap that is my laptop. That said, editing is going to be a bitch, rewriting is going to be a bitch, and I imagine I’m going to be spending far more than I’d like on ink. But other than productivity,  I just find it so much more satisfying actually physically writing.

Assuming all my time in the next few months stays free, draft one of book one is without a doubt going to be finished. That really shouldn’t be that much of an accomplishment, but considering my productivity as of late I’ll take it.

Until I finally accomplish that… Although, considering that will probably be a couple of months…

Laurence out.

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