Things Are Going Well…

…is something I would one day love to say on this blog.

Let’s update, shall we? First thing’s first: no, I am not even thinking about attempting Camp NaNoWriMo. One, I don’t have nearly enough free time for it, and two, as much as I would love to do it, I see little point in doing it when I know the end result will be something I will not be able to salvage due to a lack of planning. Perhaps I’ll do it in July if I finish this plan by then. I can’t imagine it will take me three more months to finish, but hey, we’re dealing with me here.

Speaking of which (Nice segue, me!) my planning is kind of going well… That is to say, it’s going well by my standards… That is to say, I’m nearly at the point where I begin outlining. Gather round ladies and gents! It’s time for another post in which I ramble on about the annoyance that is planning! You’d think that since I’ve been planning this thing since the dawn of time, I’d have at least started outlining it. Yeah, well, there’s a reason I’ve changed the tagline of this blog from ramblings, dronings and all that stuff of a teenage writer to ramblings and such of an unproductive writer. You know… other than me not being a teenager anymore.

At this point, I know I’m over planning. Anyone who sees my notebook could easily see that. But in my opinion, it’s better to overdo something than under-do it… for the most part. In my eyes, that can only really be a good thing. I mean, I’m at the point where I’m writing the personalities and backstories of the important and semi-important characters who actually have some decent backstory behind them, and for one of them I already know I want to write up their backstory as a prequel of sorts. I already have the damn characters for it in my head!  Now, I know I’m treading dangerous ground here. Hell, I’m already thinking of the next series and prequels while my current WIP is yet to even reach it’s first draft; of course I know I can’t plan forever, but even with my insane unproductivity, I just cannot imagine it will take me much longer to finish.

What else? Um… Ah, I’ve started reading my second book of the year, despite my goal on Goodreads set 60, but who cares about realistic goals? Once I do get in the rhythm of reading though, I can breeze through them fairly quickly. Anything else? Hmm… Oh, since I do actually like posting my stories online, despite me having nothing to really show at the moment I’m probably going to post the prologue of Syndicate up here, that previous manifestation of my current work in progress, so… expect to be bitterly disappointed with it. (:

Till next time…

Well, I’ll be back in a few minutes, so… Yeah…

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