Change Of Plan

50 000 words. Thirty days. Yep. Sounds simple enough.

So there are only two more days till NaNoWriMo in my region. I previously said that I had very little idea of what my novel for the month would be about, other than the fact that it would be the sequel to my current, never progressing, work in progress, Syphon. Well, now that I’ve got an idea that I know will stick (I’ve told myself that so many times now I have actually lost count… but I definitely mean it this time… maybe), instead of being all backwards and awkward and working on a sequel to a story that I’ve… started again and barely even gotten that far into, as a result (I swear that this is the absolute last time I will start this story again. Just try to forget how unreliable I am at keeping my word) I’ve decided that it would make far more sense for my NaNo novel to be Syphon, the first in my trilogy turned series.

Now… I know I say that I do not plan and I hate the mere concept of it, as I just cannot follow one and they just feel too restricting, but brace yourselves, because here comes the most shocking news of the century; I am going to make an outline for Syphon.

Shock horror!

But wait; there’s more! I am going to follow it!

Good god!

Surely not!

You’re insane, Laurence!

Please. Please, try to calm down. I know how difficult it may be for some of you to grasp and too much for some of you to bear, but it is happening. I repeat; I am going to make an outline for Syphon. This is happening… I hope. And… well… with NaNo only a couple of days away, I guess I know what my priorities need to be.

Only two more days. So, to amend what I said it my previous NaNo post, I am most definitely not winging it this year. I most definitely will be planning. There will most definitely be quite a lot… a bit… a little of it.

That’s that, I guess. I managed to win last year, though that poor, disgraceful manifestation of what is now going to be Syphon will never see the light of day (and to you NaNo muggles who are unaware, ‘win’ does not necessarily mean I beat anyone, it merely means I accomplished the goal of 50 000 words), but this year, with my outline that I will manage to make within these next two days, I will actually know what on earth it is that I’m writing, and I won’t just skip the middle of the story because I got stuck, and resume writing with all but a couple of the main characters, who were present throughout the entire story, dead. (Oh, I don’t know why I haven’t erased that novel from existence, yet).

But I digress. No one wants to hear my mindless rambling, so I’ll be going now. If you’re participating in NaNo, good luck. And for those of you who aren’t, here’s some advice right off the top of my head about writing: if you find that while you’re trying to write a story, that you always end up starting again and again and again, it may be a good idea to make yourself a little outline or a plan. It might stop you from ripping your hair out and save you from insanity. The more you know.

I’m sure I won’t be back informing you of how terribly, terribly wrong things have gone… At least not soon.

Happy NaNo-ing.

Laurence out.

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