NaNo Season

Yeah . . . um . . . Quite a bit over a month, huh?

Sorry about that. Time has not been my friend lately.

So, let’s get blogging, shall we?

It’s NaNo season. The forums have been relaunched. People are touching up their plans and finalizing them. And people are buzzing with the knowledge that NaNo is only a few weeks away. So, what about me? I think you guys might already know what I’m going to say.

I am completely winging it this year, again. No planning. None. at. all.

Same old, same old with me, isn’t it. Okay, well maybe I’ve got a vague idea of what I’m going to write about. It’s going to be the sequel to Syphon which I’ve (so inevitably) started again. Let’s not dwell on that, okay?

So, I’ll be updating during NaNo. I’ll be blogging more often (you probably shouldn’t hold me to that, to be honest). I’ll be raising my writing productivity (I should probably stop lying). And I’ll definitely procrastinate much less (most likely not going to happen).

Well, this was a fun, short, little blog (yep, I’m definitely being sarcastic. This was probably extremely uninteresting, that it’s sickening. But hey, I need to get back in the flow). So, I’ll try to be back soon. Maybe next week, maybe the one after, but I’ll try to keep relatively active.

Till my next month long break, guys.

Laurence Out.

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