Camp NaNo – Update

I’ll keep this short. Or at least, I’ll try to. So, how have I been getting along with Camp NaNo?

Well, let’s pretend that I haven’t only written 1555 words, and let’s pretend that I’ve actually put some effort into adding to that. Oh, and let’s pretend that I haven’t written the worst monstrosity of a beginning that I’ve ever written. I mean, the forty page abomination that I wrote in year seven for homework was better. (I really need to stop talking my work down)

Anyway, writing without any clue about where you’re going. Fantastic results.

But it hasn’t all been terrible. Since I’ve started writing it, I’ve managed to get a pretty solid idea about where I want things to go for it, but I’m thinking that it would require more than one novel.

So, let’s pretend that I’m not deciding to not bother continuing this, and let’s pretend that I’m not going back to working on Syphon, because I actually know what I’m doing there. So, that’s the update. Let’s pretend that I’m not quitting and that I’m going to post another Camp NaNo update. (Note that is definitely not going to happen.)

P.S. Oh, and I haven’t gone insane through my stupid idea of participating without knowing what on earth I’m doing, yet! That’s a plus, right?

So . . . Laurence out.

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