Updating And Incredibly Pointless Rambling.

So, what’s been happening these past two weeks? Besides getting my A-level grades and not being as worried as I probably should be, I have gotten a good deal of progress down, with Syphon. Though, I guess you could say that it has regressed even more.

So, what’s been happening with Syphon (my story, to those of you unaware)? Well, besides having thought of a much better plot that would effectively make me change half of what I’ve written, not much. Not much at all. I haven’t deleted anything, yet. I mean, this is the first draft. This is where I should just let my adolescent, out of control story do whatever it wants. I’m not going to pretend it makes even the slightest bit of sense. Of course it’s going to have crazy plot holes if I just change a significant element of the main plot in the middle of it. So, I’m pretty much just writing the key scenes in separate documents right now, because to me, that will make far more sense than trying to segue into what is essentially a significantly different plot.

Again, plans help prevent stupid and annoying plot changes and it would probably do you good if you make one instead of keeping your “plan” in your head and changing it whenever you please. Why, yes. I will follow my own advice . . . eventually.

Oh, but some good ideas have come from this system. Since I’ve started writing individual scenes, it’s given me a much clearer idea of just what the hell is going on. (MAJOR SIDENOTE: Now you’re probably thinking right now: “Hey, Laurence. Um . . . shouldn’t you have already had an idea of where you were going with this. Seems a bit stupid to write a novel without know what’s going on.” And you would be right. That isn’t very smart. But I did have an idea of what was going on. But me being me, I kept deciding: “Well, this is probably a much better plot. Much deeper and far more interesting. You know what? Screw it. I’m going to change the plot to this.” You have no idea how many times that thought has come into my head and I’ve listened to it. Boy, with the amount of times I’ve changed the plot I could probably make seven completely different stories if I just change the character names.)

Anywho, as I was saying, since I’m writing key scenes (not necessarily in chronological order) and expanding from them it’s sort of like a safety net throughout the story. So if I know what the next key scene is, I don’t have to worry about deviating too far away from the plot with minor scenes, because I can write towards it. (I hope this is making sense for you guys. It probably isn’t). Oh, and I’ve written some scenes for the next two stories in the trilogy. You know. Because there’s absolutely no way that I’m going to change anything in Syphon that will make those scenes create plot holes and whatnot. I guess I really do need something of a path, after all.

Well . . . that’s what’s been going on in my world of literature. Oh, wait! I’m going to start reading more often! Whew. Can’t believe I almost forgot to tell you guys that. Boy would you guys have missed out on some key information in my life. ‘Kay. Even I think I’ve rambled far too long. I should probably delete half of this post . . .

Till . . . (MINOR SIDENOTE: It took me far too long to figure out if ‘Til’ or ‘Till’ was correct. You’d think it would be ‘Til’, but it turns out ‘Till’ is correct, and not because it’s short for ‘until’, because it isn’t actually short for ‘until’. But ‘Til’ is actually acceptable as well. Super interesting. The more you know). I should really just stop . . . Till next time, guys.

Laurence out.


Camp NaNo – Update

I’ll keep this short. Or at least, I’ll try to. So, how have I been getting along with Camp NaNo?

Well, let’s pretend that I haven’t only written 1555 words, and let’s pretend that I’ve actually put some effort into adding to that. Oh, and let’s pretend that I haven’t written the worst monstrosity of a beginning that I’ve ever written. I mean, the forty page abomination that I wrote in year seven for homework was better. (I really need to stop talking my work down)

Anyway, writing without any clue about where you’re going. Fantastic results.

But it hasn’t all been terrible. Since I’ve started writing it, I’ve managed to get a pretty solid idea about where I want things to go for it, but I’m thinking that it would require more than one novel.

So, let’s pretend that I’m not deciding to not bother continuing this, and let’s pretend that I’m not going back to working on Syphon, because I actually know what I’m doing there. So, that’s the update. Let’s pretend that I’m not quitting and that I’m going to post another Camp NaNo update. (Note that is definitely not going to happen.)

P.S. Oh, and I haven’t gone insane through my stupid idea of participating without knowing what on earth I’m doing, yet! That’s a plus, right?

So . . . Laurence out.

Camp NaNoWriMo – I’m Not Crazy . . . Yet.

National Novel Writing Month. Attempting to write a 50 000 word novel in a month.

I didn’t plan to participate in Camp NaNo, this year, I definitely don’t have an expanded story idea that I can work with, and it’s already eight days in. Any reasonable person would just stop being stupid and turn around and not even bother thinking about participating. Me? . . .

I’m only just deciding to participate. I’m only just starting to participate with an idea that quite literally has no plot. No plot whatsoever. I haven’t got a single clue what I’m going to be writing about. Because basically, it happens years after my current WIP, Syphon, and it will be following the life of the child—the lives of the twins of my two main characters from Syphon. The story I haven’t even gotten close to finishing yet. Scratch that. The trilogy of which I’m still on the first story.

And there are only four characters that I know will be in it, two of whom the only things I know about them are their basic personalities and their names. Simply put, I’m attempting to write at least 50 000 words in . . . well, less than a month, now, and I’m practically going into this completely blind.

What could possibly go wrong?

If I haven’t gone insane tomorrow, I’ll keep you guys updated.

L out (That doesn’t work at all).

Laurence out.

Sex In Young Adult Literature . . . What’s The Big Deal?

Need I say more?

So why am I going to rant about this? Well, I needed something to rant about, now, didn’t I? Think of this as a sort of part two to one of my previous posts regarding romance in YA lit, except completely different. So let me just jump right in with my issue on the subject.

What is the big deal with sex in literature? Or more specifically, what is so bad about sex in YA literature? I’m genuinely curious as to why so many feel as if sex in YA literature needs to censored because our young minds just can’t handle it, or it’s too graphically written, or it will encourage us to just do it when we might not be ready for it, or it will negatively affect our libidos. Now, I’m not incredibly naïve as to think that there aren’t some highly suggestible teens out there, who may very well act on the things that they read, but maybe my thinking that this can’t be that great of a number is naïve. I’d like to think the majority of us can actually mostly think for ourselves.

What I think gets me the most about it is that it’s considered to be such a taboo subject to touch on in YA lit. I just can’t understand it, and that goes for in real life, too. Violence in literature? Well, it may not be perfectly fine with everyone, but it’s not taboo, and it runs rampant in so many novels. Now . . . I don’t know about you, but I would be far more worried about a child of mine being influenced by a violent passage they read in a story, rather than a sexual passage, because at least if they’re being influenced by a sexual passage, they can practice whatever safely. And surely with proper parenting and education, you won’t have to worry about your kid running off having sex with whoever they please and accidently making babies. Really, I just think parents are worried about everything their kids do, these days. Though, maybe that’s just the mentality of a parent. I wouldn’t know.

It’s almost as if sex is considered the absolute worst of all subjects to put in a book, and needs to be stamped out of all YA literature completely, and just reading about it will cause a mass of psychological issues for a young adult, whereas murder is free to roam freely, with many parents turning a blind eye to it in YA. Does this make even the slightest bit of sense to anyone? Because it’s sure as hell confusing me.

I’d like to know when sex became such a taboo subject. When did violence become more appropriate to have in a YA novel than sex? When did having the protagonist of the story murder the antagonist become more appropriate than two teens making love? Is this not confusing anyone else? People have sex all the time! There are people having sex right now! Someone on your street is probably having sex right now. And you know what else? Chances are you’ve had, or will have, sex. So what is the big deal about reading it? I really do not get it. Because it seems to me that if people are going to get so up in arms over it, then they should be equally, if not more, crazy over trying to censor every hint of violence in a story, or stopping their kids from reading violent books. No? Does this not make sense to anyone else?

Personally, I see no issue with it and I think young adults aren’t given enough credit. It’s as if we’re considered to be these incredibly mentally fragile beings who need to be protected from everything the world has to show us until the inevitable moment we spread our wings and leave the nest. Of course, if everything is censored for us and we don’t grow up knowing a good deal about the world, our wings may fail us and we’ll just fall right out of the sky and fail at life.

Until my next terrible metaphor, guys.

Laurence out.