And Even Less Writing


So who else here calls themselves a writer, yet after spending two weeks writing virtually nothing for no good reason, they take out a whole chapter, intending to replace it, but just leave it blank, and instead browse the internet and do absolutely nothing productive in the slightest? It’s not even the dreaded writer’s block, that’s stopped me from writing. It’s the dreaded distractions of knowing that I could be doing anything but writing. It’s the dreaded thoughts that say “Well, I don’t feel like writing, so I won’t.” Honestly, I’d be lucky if I’ve even written half as many words in these past two weeks as there are in that book, up there. I’ve had the document open every time I’ve been on my laptop, but it’s just been there in the background, not accumulating any words.

Well, that’s going to change today, even if it kills me . . . (I should probably point out that I don’t mean that literally . . . though you probably already know that. Um . . .) ANYWAY, after such a long break from writing, because that’s essentially what I’ve been doing, I’m breaking out the coffee tonight and I’m not sleeping until I’ve written at the very least 2500 words. That’s not a great deal, but that’s why it’s the minimum. That should replace the chapter that I cut part off, and get part way into the chapter that I completely took out. Hmm . . . looking back, there was also another chapter that I had barely started which I also took out. Would it make more sense if I talked in how many words I took out, because they’re not exactly long chapters? It probably would. That’s roughly 4100 words removed, with barely anything added back to that. Fantastic. I may not like planning or outlining, but I can’t help thinking that if I actually stick to one, which I also don’t like doing, this sort of thing wouldn’t happen.

Of course I’m pulling an all-nighter tonight. I couldn’t care less if I don’t feel like writing, because that is really not an excuse for two weeks with hardly any content written. At least not for me. So, I’m going to go make myself write for as long as possible, because that’s no doubt one of my better plans, and I’ll be back. And hey, I’ll probably post chapter one of Syphon, because I know you’ll all love to see more of the incredible garbage that is my work. And now for my incredibly awful sign off . . . See you guys later.

Laurence out.

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