Score one for frequent blogging!

Yeah . . . I haven’t been blogging nearly as frequent as I feel like I should have. So, I guess I should blog just for the sake of blogging? Yes, let’s see how that will work out . . .

Things number one: I’ve managed to get a pretty detailed outline of how I want everything to go down throughout the whole trilogy I’m writing. So that’s something.

Uh . . . thing number two: Things have become a little . . . a lot . . .  a crazy load more adult than I originally intended. How so? Well, one of my main character’s mother is a prostitute. My other main character’s mother slept with her whole team (I don’t want to say superhero team because no one in this world is technically “super”). There’s a stupid amount of killing throughout, some highly suggestive content, some pretty grim scenes involving knives and torture, and some heavy emotional scenes. There’s going to be a rape scene, one, maybe two, sex scenes, a baby born from said rape, and my main characters are going to raise said baby as a couple. Oh, did I mention that they’re both girls? No? Oh, well, yeah . . . they’re both girls.

Sidenote: I think it wasn’t too long ago that I absolutely shunned the idea of me writing anything involving sex, after I wrote a romance that got pretty out of hand, really, really quickly.

Thing number two and a half? . . . You know, there’s a certain level of maturity needed to write something like this. My brain barely reaches that minimum level, and I can’t help thinking that I should tone it back A LOT! Hmm . . . Does this sound highly hypocritical to anyone else? No? Just me? Oh, okay then.

Thing number three: So, now with no college and a whole summer without having to go outside (Yes, I know. I’m just so social) I can safely say that pretty much all of my time, while I’m awake, is going to consist of me having my headphones on, while writing for the entire day, stopping only when I want to go to sleep, and only doing the essentials that every human needs to do. Terrible idea? Most likely.

Final thing: Outlining, or any form of planning, is not in my nature at all, and it’s been pretty much all I’ve been doing this whole time. And guess what, I still haven’t completed it. But like I said, it’s pretty detailed and I’ve covered quite a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done a lot (a bit) of writing, too. So, that’s good (Not the actual content, the fact that I’ve actually written the content. The content is probably garbage).

So, um . . . yeah. Happy Fourth of July to all you Americans. I guess I’m done and I’m out (so corny).

Score one for impromptu blogging!

Laurence out.

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